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Performance Coaching By Team IKSC

Strength & Conditioning for Performance, Health & Fitness

Ioanna Karelia Strength & Conditioning is a bespoke performance coaching service adopting proven strength and conditioning training systems and Anatomy in Motion treatments to allow clients of any background to reach their physical goals. Our aim is to make our clients move easy, move strong.

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What We Do

Move Easy, Move Strong

  • Strength & Conditioning

    Take advantage of performance training systems the pro athletes use and get IKSC trained by our certified coaches today.

  • Personal Training

    Our personal training service is designed for clients looking to move easy, move strong. Increase your fitness, improve your metabolism, benefit from our Anatomy in Motion treatments.

  • Kettlebell Sport

    Build a strong, flexible and lean body, improve your breathing patterns and aerobic capacity and enhance your mental focus.

  • Corporate Wellness

    Allow employees to lead healthier more fulfilling lives to exceed corporate responsibility and increase productivity.

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